Ultimate Nature Printables Library

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I come bearing gifts (two free gifts in fact)….and another great deal I just have to tell you about!

This one isn’t a bundle – it really is a library. It’s the Nature Printables Library from my friends Yuliya from Welcome to Mummyhood and Katherine from I believe in Montessori.

This library is an organised collection of educational materials for teaching children about the natural world. The materials have been carefully prepared and chosen so you can use them during the whole year – it more than covers a whole year curriculum including botany, zoology and more. Download a free preview here: Nature Printables Library Preview

An example of a Spring themed nature shelf. The materials can be used to regularly update themed and seasonal shelves.

This library is so huge that I recommend printing off the Reference Sheets that come with it so that you can keep track of which materials you have printed and used as you go.

With more than 70 sets of Montessori materials (over 1,000 pages) – this library is available for the next few days only at 67% OFF (just $69 USD – valued at over $220) – which works out at less than one dollar a SET. Amazing.

For more details and to grab your copy click here:

Nature Printables Library 

AND – in case you’re still not convinced that this is the most amazing deal ever, I’ve got something extra special for you. I have two FREE GIFTS (Mushrooms 3-part cards and Flowers 3-part cards) to give to you, no strings attached. The links to download them are at the bottom of this post. Download them, print them and use them in your classroom and homeschool, they really are gorgeous materials.

What age are these materials for?

The materials are suitable for children from 2 years through to at least lower elementary – you will use these materials for years to come.

This library includes materials you can put on your language, cosmic and math shelves. They cover different areas – language, alphabet, colours, shapes, numbers, handwriting and more – with all materials in connection with nature.

But it’s only available for a short time only – this offer ends on Thursday 29 March. 

That’s not all!

SEVEN Special Bonuses

Not only do you receive this WHOLE LIBRARY for $69 USD – but you also receive SEVEN special bonuses related to Spring and Earth Day:
1. Spring Shadow matching cards
2. Early Spring flowers circle
3. Spring 3-part cards
4. Insects close-up matching cards
5. Types of Environmental Pollution sorting cards
6. Clean and Polluted Water sorting cards
7. Clean and Polluted environment sorting cards

That’s right – you get the whole library, including all of the bonuses, for just $69 – that’s 67% OFF the normal price.

This library is great for Montessori teachers or homeschoolers – but the materials are equally appropriate if you don’t use the Montessori method. Any child in any space can use them.

FREE Gifts (No purchase required)

I am so confident you are going to love this library of materials, that I have two sets of materials for you to download – right now – for free. Just click on the link and download away. No purchase required – these are your free samples so can see what the materials are like before you buy. As you’ll see, all of the materials are made with beautiful, realistic images. Perfect for a Montessori classroom or homeschool.

FREE Gift 1: Mushrooms 3-part cards

FREE gift 2: Flowers 3-part cards

Then be sure to come back and buy the library! At this price it is really is only available for a short time only. Don’t miss out! 🙂

For all of the details including Frequently Asked Questions and to see the Table of Contents click here.

When you click the ‘Buy Now’ button below, you will receive the full library as digital files. Save the files, print the Reference Sheets to tick them off as go, and then print materials as you need them.

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