November 22, 2015

About Me (Christine O’Leary, Montessori Parent)

OLeary Family Photo Black and WhiteHello, I’m Chris, a Montessori parent and founder of Ultimate Montessori Parents Guide

My husband Richard and I are parents to two Montessori kids – Cooper and Mitchell.

I live and breathe the Montessori philosophy and have spent hundreds of hours in recent years reading all of the fascinating books about Maria Montessori and her successful teaching methods. Those close to me know not to ask any Montessori questions as you can’t shut me up once I get started!

Wouldn’t it be great to read all of Dr Montessori’s work? Wouldn’t you love to find out how the Montessori method of teaching is being successfully adopted in today’s world? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly what your child learnt today and how they learnt it and to bring that same engagement and enthusiasm for learning to your home environment? Have you got time for all that?

The Ultimate Montessori Parent Guide can help. We’ve done all the research for you and will provide you with all the information you need. Montessori parent to Montessori parent, I understand your questions, concerns and fears. Rest assured – you have made the right decision to send your child to a Montessori school, and through my blogs, articles, website and emails, I will explain why.

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Thanks for liking my page – I look forward to joining you on your Montessori parenting journey!

Chris xx
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