9 Things I Learnt About Being a Parent This Week

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9 things I learnt about being a parent this weekFather and son walking

  1. Fishing line is a dangerous skipping rope especially in low light conditions. It seemed like a bad idea at the time and so it proved to be. Although I guess my sons can always say they became SNAGS very early on in life.
  2. When you introduce your son to some added responsibility around the house by making him the go-to person for feeding the dog – remember before you feed the dog. My five year old was so upset when I absentmindedly provided the morning snack that I had to retrieve the dog’s breakfast and put it back in the fridge so my youngest could do his job (yeah, I caved).
  3. When the above mentioned five year old child then wants to go to school with bunting tied to his waist and call himself Rufus – that’s ok, there are worse things than pretending to be a dog for the day. I thought his colourful flag tail really suited him. His classmates seemed to agree.
  4. Bright orange witch’s hats found near your camp site can keep your kids amused for hours; who knew they could be used as wheelbarrows, roller coaster carriages or weapons?
  5. When camping never assume when your sons says “that kid’s riding my scooter” that it just looks like his scooter or you may well find yourself having to promise to buy him a new one when you are packing up to leave the next day.
  6. Allowing your seven-year old son to cut the wood for the bird feeder is well worthwhile even if it takes a little (hell of a lot) longer. His smile of satisfaction is well worth the wait. My carpentry skills are pretty limited anyway (despite being the son of a builder – or maybe because of it).
  7. Listen to your kids. Really listen, kids can say the most remarkable things. My favourite recent observation comes from a friend’s son who calls the embers which explode into the night sky from a bonfire the ‘tomato flies’. Love it.
  8. Having been a communication director for a government doesn’t mean you are qualified to negotiate with a 5 year old who doesn’t want to go to school – then again, Mother Theresa and Kissinger don’t have those skills.
  9. And finally, don’t make your kids’ lunches while wearing a tie or do the dishes with your cufflinks on.

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